October 08, 2020 - BY Admin

Promote your own business using Digital Marketing.

Promote your own business using Digital Marketing.

Promoting your business & start up through digital marketing is major need to survive in this competitive market. In this blog we are going to review the points how you can promote your business or start up absolutely for free using digital marketing, you can do it by your own.

1)  Create your Business Facebook page

Why u only have to create Business Facebook page not simple Facebook page for your business for this we need to understand the difference between simple Facebook page and Business Facebook page. Business Facebook page will provide you your all details about your business. How much traffic is coming on your page, if u are running ads campaign what is your target audience what is the reach of your post and many other information we will get only from Business Facebook page. Now the question is how to increase traffic of your existing Business Facebook page. For this we have to post at least one post a day to increasing traffic. Post should be attractive which aware people about your product or services.

2) Create your business Instagram page

Creating page on Instagram is very similar to creating a business page on Facebook all the process & result is same, But gaining traffic on Facebook is much easier than gaining traffic on Instagram. There are many companies who gaining traffic on Facebook but not gaining traffic on Instagram. On Instagram people only follow u or share your post until they are  innovative. Post as creative as you can on Instagram otherwise u will be one of those companies who is gaining traffic only on Facebook.

3) Register your business on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS.

Registering your business on Google my business is helps you to start your local SEO. For registration u have to verify your business details like phone no., location, etc. After registration u also have to post on Google using Google my business post your products and services which helps Google to find your business easily in searches of your city.

4) Groom your LinkedIn profile and Twitter account.

Whenever it comes to professional platform no platform is better than LinkedIn & twitter build your company LinkedIn profile post about yourself and your products and services hire some employees and grow our business.

5) Build an SEO friendly website.

In this competitive market only website can survive which is SEO friendly. Now the question is how to build SEO friendly website. For SEO friendly website we have to select the best keywords for website write good content and blogs which helps u to increase traffic on your website.

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