December 18, 2020 - BY Admin

Growth of business in 2020 using Digital Marketing

After this big recession period finally the times comes from where we can see growth in economy of country. Many Businesses have bear huge losses, and many business gain profits in this recession period using Digital Marketing. How to promote business using Digital marketing you can check in this blog.

In this Recession Period mainly two type of sector has grown to another level. First Ed-tech & another one is IT sector. Growth of these Two sector is because of increase in online presence of people.

Here are some stats how Digital Marketing impact your business in last couple of years

1)      70% customers want their favorite brands to update promotion, Campaigns ,Discount  & other events on Social Media.

2)      Out of 10, at least 8 Business business  go for Social Media  & Google ads.

3)       When you spend at least 10$ on ads the average they can make is 15$.

4)        The Purchase of 65% of customers increases after watching  Facebook & Google ads.

5)      Globally 3.7 billion people active on social media.

Due to the Increase in online presence you can now interact with your audience in a better & Effective way. Interacting with your Target Audience is one of the core strength of Digital Marketing. As a Digital Marketing company we always want to interact only with your target audience who are interested in your product & services or brand will lose money and ended up with no leads at all.

If you are Luxury Brand and your product & services cost 1-2 lakhs then normal target audience don’t work in this campaign. We have to use Demographics Targeting which can do wonders. This is a power of Digital Marketing.    


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