December 18, 2020 - BY Admin

5 Reason why website is important for success

There is no question about it, you should have strong online presence if you want to compete in market. We are not talking about Dynamic website & Facebook page you need better than this if you want to compete.

So why do you need a website & how can you be sure that it’ll convert leads into clients? Here are 5 reasons why you should focus on strengthen your online presence through website.

1)      Website is a 24*7 Sales Person

  Website stays open for 24*7 which means when your when your employees are not available to interact with your audience your website act as sales person and interact with your target audience on behalf of your company.

2)      Your Competitors definitely have one

While 40 % of don’t have their own website , 60% of them do . This means majority of small business have their online presence. This 60% also includes your competitors  and those competitors are appealing to people in your area.

3)      Google ranks local business higher when searches on mobile devices

Google assumes that when user is searching something he/she is searching to get results in local areas . Thus search engine ranks higher local business when people do mobile searches.

4)      SEO is cost effective

Every company wants to optimize their website in search engine for this they are ready to pay huge amounts, But SEO require huge investments? NO. Gosotek Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides Best Digital Marketing Solutions in very affordable & effective cost.

5)      Your business Needs to be discover in Search Engine

Out of 100, 90% searches are related to business and nearly half of these searches are for local business. So you need to have searched optimized company website that ranks well in search engine results .

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